Dansai DVD 852

Help Needed

Hi there i am James, the webmaster for this site. I hope you like what you find here and come back regular to keep up to date

One question that i am asked nearly every day is how to remove the tesco helpline screen, as far as i am aware all you can do at present is to turn on the screensaver so the tesco screen only apears when you place a disc in the tray.
If you know of a better way of removing this screen, maybe a firmware update then please share it with us all!

All other features or hacks that you may know of will be gratefully recieved so i can share them with others and help everyone to get the most out of this bargain dvd player.
Please also let me know what formats you can play so i can report these findings on this site
You can email me at:- jamesbheath@hotmail.com or leave a message in the guest book.