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Dansai 955

The Dansai 955 dvd player
This is the newest player just released so bare with me while i work this one out! The region hack works a treat but macrovision is still to be sorted!

The multi region hack
Be sure the tray is empty
Open Tray
Into setup screen
schroll right to thelast menu
press "3" four times
select "0" ( region free )
press "setup"
thats it done good luck
If you struggle to play any discs it may be a newer region code problem known as RCE, you can get around this by selecting the exact region instead of region 0 otherwise known as bypass.

Macrovision and vcd
So how are you all coming on with this newest of the dansai dvd family? I have heard from people who can play nearly all formats on it including mp3, cd-r, vcd, svcd etc.As for macrovision no hack is available i am afraid, so you might like to invest in a macrovision removal scart lead. Please check the links page for a link to macrovision removal scart leads.