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Dansai 952

There is at present no hack for the dansai 952 dvd player. If you know of one then please share it with us all.

Dansai 952
This new player from the dansai stable is bound to prove a hit offering 5.1 sound all for £99! Tesco have a top machine on there hands here. One thing to take note the newest batch of players dont all offer playback of VCD and it is not upgradable at present.

Dansai 952 Hack
Always follow this info word for word!
This hack is for region only not macrovision and is completed via the remote control.

Open the tray and remove any discs
press "Setup" on remote
press "Stop" on remote
press "Back Skip" on remote
press "Forward Skip" on remote
Thats it your into the secret setup menu, choose bypass for region free or choose region manually to play RCE discs