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Dansai DVD 1010 player

Hope this help all those of you who have been asking for 1010 hacks

The 1010 Hack
SETUP remote
PLAY front
STOP front
REV front
FWD front
PREV front
NEXT front

Or try this
SETUP remote
STOP front
FWD front
PREV front
NEXT front

This should sort out all those of you with a newer 1010 to hack its harder work but does the job!Thanks to all those who helped in the hack for this player

VCD Enable and Macrovision Off hack.Firstly you need the update file i can email this to you for a fee of five pounds
please use nochex and send it to jamesheath@jbheath.co.uk, see the link at the bottom.Once you have the file copy on to a disk.Using Nero follow this.
Start Nero.Use the wizard to make Data CD.When the browser loads, find your 2 downloaded files 1010 bin &1010 cue.Drag and drop 1010 bin to the ISO 1 new column.The bin file is the only file you need. Click on file, from the dropdown menu click burn image, change the default nero img file to (all files) you should now be showing 2 files 1010 bin & 1010. Highlight the 1010 bin file & open. A new window opens saying foreign image settings Data mode 1, (make sure RAW DATA is ticked its important) and block size 2352 is displayed .
Click ok, another new window, click BURN, When its burnt turn off Nero. Put the disk in your ROM drive & open, you should see 2 files 1 img file (bank 30) & 1 read me, open and print instructions from the read me.
Macrovision can also be switched off when you put the 1010 hack in.


just insert the firmware 3.0 rom cd from tescos(they were handing them out through the helpline)and when you put one of the multi-region hacks in and go to the region select menu,there is now an option to switch off the macrovision.!!!!!lovely!!!!


Remove the tesco's background and replace it with something you actually want.

1. Take the image you want as your background and use it as the source file in TMPGEnc-

2. Adjust the settings so that the output mpg is 720x480 and 22073(or slightly less)bytes.

3. Get hold of the original BANK30.ROM firmware from Tesco.

4. Open EZPatchV12.zip and point it to the firmware, the only patch available will be the background patch. Choose it and select the mpg you made before as the file to patch it with.

5.Save the output as raw.bin, not bank30. Then change the file name to BANK30.ROM.

6. Burn the new rom onto a CD and flash away.

Macrovision and Region

The macrovision on the 1010 dvd player is already deactivated but you cannot copy region 1 dvd's because these are in pal 60 and the uk use pal 50.

The new firmware to re enable VCD is now available call tesco for you cd! If you want i can also offer this file for download just un zip it and burn to cd. You can pay me via paypal or nochex to jamesheath@jbheath.co.uk

I have to charge a fee of £5 for this service it takes time and money to host this website.

Some players when updated also give the option to turn off macrovision in the secret menu.
All the info on this page is untested by myself so good luck and let me know how you get on.

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