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Dansai Hacks

Thanks for visiting, so lets get on with the region hack, please be carefull to follow these instructions word for word

The Hack
Turn on the player
Make sure you have NO disc inserted!
Press "setup" on the remote control
Press "stop" on the front panel
Press "prev" on the front panel
Press "next" on the front panel
This will have opened the secret install menu
You can also open this menu using just the remote control buttons but be carefull to do everything exactly as it states

Region code Hack
Look for the "region I.D" setting
Press "play" to open the options
Choose "bypass" to remove the need for a region code

RCE discs?
RCE = Region Code Enhanced
This is the movie makers way of stopping you playing there dvd discs on a player not made for that region
You are in luck though, the Dansai DVD852 can be tricked into playing RCE discs, just choose the exact region from the list rather than bypass, its that simple

The Macrovision Hack
While in the secret setup menu move down to macrovision and choose "off" instead of "auto"
This turns off the macrovision signal and enables you to make back-up copys onto VHS video tapes

Leave this setting well alone! you have been warned, this is the encoding used within the player to decode the dvd signal, 99% of discs will hang if you turn this option off!

Dither is a feature of computer monitors and only needs to be played with if you are having trouble using your dvd player when hooked up to your P.C