The Dansai DVD Site

Welcome to the dansai dvd website, i hope to bring you all the info i can on the dansai range of dvd players,from the 852 to the most recent the 955 that is flying out of tesco stores at the moment.
Please feel free to email me if you require anything extra you cant find here.
Latest Update 26/10/2003

Nochex and paypal payment now taken and i will email you the 1010 update file

So what do i need?
Nothing that is not in the box! just the remote and the instuction i am about to give you. On some of the later dansai dvd 1010 players you will need an updated firmware file. This can be supplied for a fee of £5

So why hack my new player?
Hacking the region code is easy and simple to do, it enables you to play dvd discs that are intended for other countrys, the UK is region 2 as is the rest of europe, however the USA is region one and they often get there films months before us sometimes before we even get them at the cinema!
You are lucky to have chosen Dansai because not all players can be made multi region and better still some models can even have the macrovision copy protection turned off.

What next?
Get hacking away using the links at the top of the page dependant on the player you own. Once you have done this you may wish to purchase some dvd's from the sites below.

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